Thursday, July 24, 2008


Ever been camping with a 1 week old baby? I have!!!

My parents came from Alabama to visit with us and the new baby- we decided to go camping!! My children were entertained while I recovered either in the rv or in a lounge chair. It was very refreshing and relaxing- I didn't have to stair at all the things that weren't getting done at home!


Holly said...

Wow, you are extremely brave to take such a young child camping. I can't say I'd have the guts to take anyone less than an adolescent camping! Supermom?

KSilaski said...

You are brave and strong. But you have some of the most wonderful kids in the world. I know that they are a great help to you. We admire you and Rob(bie) for the great job you are doing with your family. I love seeing the pictures. It makes me feel like I am not too far away. I also love hearing uypdates from ye and from those great-grandparents. Much love!!

Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures! Where are your parents living in AL now?

Anonymous said...

Yay more pics of the baby!! :)
You look great!